My List Of Mobile Hotspots Apps

Posted by Joseph on November 06, 2013

Mobile Hotspots In Bloomington
I just created a list of mobile apps that help you to find the nearest hotspots. This covers Apple and Android (sorry Windows users). I found many of these mobile broadband apps at and sorta filled it out with some other great ones I found elsewhere. The best part is that all of the mobile apps on this list are FREE. From what I can tell, you just need to glance at your phone and the wifi locations nearest to you will automatically show up. Pretty cool, huh?

Changing Your Broadband ISP

Posted by Joseph on September 14, 2013

Internet Providers In Bloomington

Personally, I really don't find Google very helpful when I'm looking for a new ISP. It keeps listing ones that aren't even in my zip code. I did find some good sites (on Bing of all places) that let me search for just Internet service providers in MY area instead of the same old ones that don't provide service to my address. It seems that the choices are always going to be very few and they are going to be dependent on your exact address, so it's best to use one of these ISP locators and let them show you what's available.

Adapting Dish Network For WiFi

Posted by Joseph on July 08, 2013

Rural Internet For Indiana

I didn't know this, but apparently you can setup a wifi network on Dish Network, if you use their Internet service. At our farm in Jonesville, my grand parents use Dish Network Internet and I was able to create wifi network for them using a simple adapter. I had to buy the wifi adapter from off for about $50, but that was all I needed. If you're stuck in a similar spot using satellite Internet, you should looking into what type of wifi adapters they have and setup your own wireless network for you mobile devices.

Broadband At Indiana University

Posted by Joseph on March 02, 2013

Indiana University Broadband

Everyone knows that broadband is very expensive these days. Sometimes too expensive for college students, like me. Fortunately, I  discovered Freedompop.. Although finding high speed Internet providers by zip code is the still best way, since a hard-line broadband connection gives you so much more bandwidth, using a mobile Internet provider while away from home is a good alternatively. And if you have to use one, then it might as well be free! Well, at least the first 500 MB are, but that's enough for most people.